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Ever wondered why Ryan was dressed as Luigi in my interview at Comic-Con? Now is your chance to find out! (Note: He's not in the part 1 much, but it helps to watch it if you want to follow the story)

"From prolific director Andrew Bowser (a/k/a Onyx the Fortuitous and creator of Monster Machine) and Joseph M. Petrick and the Nerdist Channel comes Mario and the Powerglove, a silent drama of cosplay set at San Diego Comic-Con, in which Mario is thwarted in his attempt to get to a rendevous with Princess Peach by a forgotten badge, until a fateful purchase from a street vendor (Jason Ritter!) gives him special powers and a chase through the exhibit hall ensues."

Exclusive Interview at Comic-Con 2013!

Your admin had the privilege of interviewing Ryan Cartwright at Comic-Con International 2013 (Yes, while he was dressed as Luigi).
In this interview, Ryan talks about his time on Alphas, Seriously Weird, and Bones; he also discusses his upcoming projects, including a show for FX and a possible return to Syfy!

Ryan Cartwright phone call at Comic-Con 2012

Though Ryan couldn't attend Comic-Con 2012 (for unknown reasons), Azita Ghanizada called him from the panel. Here is audio of that phone call:

Vincent Dooly presents: Cycop

This is a sketch Ryan did from Ryan plays one of the villains.

Description: Three parts "Robocop" + two parts "Terminator" + one part "Bladerunner" + four parts Solo (staring Mario Van Peebles) MULTIPLIED BY six parts "Short Circuit" divided by one half part "A River Runs Through It" = CYCOP! The tale of Wes Taggart, a cop who played by his own rules- until some drug dealing pimps dealt him a cold hand of death. OR DID THEY?! Now he's back- with new cybernetic implants and justice is about to get CYCOP'd! 



(I'm pretty sure this is a scripted outtake, but it's still funny, and Ryan is great in it!) 


Song: "Oh to be... (Darth Vader)"

 The infamous song and music video about wishing to be Hayden Christensen, performed by Ryan Cartwright himself. 

Anyone else think he should do more music? ;) 

A Scene from "Dear Prudence"

A brief but very silly scene I thought was worth sharing. 

It's from the Hallmark movie 'Dear Prudence'. 
Prudence (Jane Seymour - Dr Quinn) kisses Nigel, her assistant (Ryan Cartwright - Vincent Nigel-Murray/Bones) as a diversity maneuver when a cleaning lady passes them by, interrupting them in there sneaky 'murder she wrote' ways of discovering a crime.  

A Scene from "The Grimleys"

A clip of Ryan Cartwright as Darran Grimley