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Seriously Weird Episodes

On this page, I will contain every episode from "Seriously Weird" that I can find. I decided to make a separate page from "Videos" for this one, because I had been discovering so many episodes!

This page will have the earliest episode at the top, so the "newest" one (or most recently found episode) will most likely be on the bottom.

Special thanks to theFoolishNutter on youtube, who has been uploading these for our viewing pleasure :)

When Harris Stopped Breathing

Harris's attempt to become more popular by joining the football team backfires when the breath is knocked out of him during practice, and he starts fading away. 

When Yoghurt Attacks

Fenella thinks that Harris has been turned into a "protein-guzzling animal spirit" who is devouring hamsters and students. Harris is too busy to care while preparing for his mid-term exams and keeping as much to his tight schedule as possible. Little does anyone know that it is Harris' strawberry "Bioyurt" yoghurt to blame! 

When Faeries Get Mad

Harris is hosting his first Friend's night. The guest list? Himself and Hugo. Fenella will be spending time in a graveyard waiting for faeries.

However, faeries are not teeny, little-winged, do-gooders that Harris seems to think they are. They are out to cause chaos and to take school nerds back to their world for slavery! 

When Harris Stopped Sleeping

When a motivational speaker induces Harris to stay up all night studying for an upcoming test, all the things he would have dreamed about start to manifest themselves in the waking world.

Gnome Sweet Gnome

Just as Harris decides to run for chair of his high school class's social committee, he encounters a bunch of lawn gnomes who've come to life and want to install him as their ruler.