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Welcome to my fan site for the talented actor, Ryan Cartwright! 

Ryan has been most recently seen in the popular series, Bones, as well as the series Mad Men. Most recently, he landed a role in the Syfy channel original series, Alphas (airing this summer). Feel free to explore the photos, links, and videos, and be sure to check out the latest news!

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"Alphas" ... Gary Bell (Currently 5 episodes)
    - Pilot (11 July 2011)
    - Anger Management (18 July 2011)
    - Cause and Effect (25 July 2011)
    - Rosetta (1 August 2011)
    - Never Let Me Go (8 August 2011)

"Bones" .... Vincent Nigel-Murray (7 episodes, 2008-2010) 
    - The He in the She (2008)
    - Double Trouble in the Panhandle (2009)
    - The Bones That Foam (2009) 
    - The Science in the Physicist (2009) 
    - The End in the Beginning (2009) 
    - The Dwarf in the Dirt (2009) 
    - The Dentist in the Ditch (2010) 
    - The Babe in the Bar (2010)
    - The Killer in the Crosshairs (2011)
    - The Truth in the Myth (2011)
    - The Hole in the Heart (2011)
"Mad Men" .... John Hooker (5 episodes, 2009) 
    - Shut the Door. Have a Seat 
    - The Color Blue 
    - Guy Walks Into an Advertising Agency 
    - The Arrangements 
    - Out of Town
Dear Prudence (2008) (TV) .... Nigel Forsythe III

Virgin Territory (2007) .... Ghino

"Donovan" .... Seth Donovan (1 episode, 2006) 
    - Episode #1.3 

"Twenty Thousand Streets Under the Sky" (2005) TV series .... Rex (unknown episodes)

"Look Around You" .... Sam McNamara (1 episode, 2005) 
    - Live Final 

"Hardware" .... Steve (12 episodes, 2003-2004) 
    - Celebrity 
    - Tony Two-Ways 
    - Loser 
    - Nude 
    - Big Foot 
    - Bastard
    - Hutch
    - Women
    - Finger
    - Bondage
    - Naked
    - Nice

"Donovan" (2004) TV series .... Seth Donovan

"Seriously Weird" (2002) TV series .... Harris Pembleton

"All About Me" (2002) TV series .... Peter (unknown episodes)

"The Grimleys" .... Darren Grimley (1 episode, 2001) 
    - The Grimley Curse (2001) TV episode .... Darren Grimley

"Doctors" .... Henry Lincoln (1 episode, 2000) 
    - Cheated (2000) TV episode .... Henry Lincoln

"Microsoap" (1998) TV series .... David (unknown episodes)

"Dangerfield" .... Ian Thomson (1 episode, 1997) 
    - Contact (1997) TV episode .... Ian Thomson

The Grimleys (1997) (TV) .... Darren Grimley 
*Filmography is taken from 

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"Alphas" Officially Picked Up!

It's official! Syfy has officially ordered 11 episodes of the series that features Ryan Cartwright! The show is scheduled to begin airing in summer of 2011. 

As mentioned before, Ryan Cartwright plays a character named Gary Bell, who has Asperger's syndrome, but also has the amazing ability to "read" wireless transmissions. 

 More on this as more information becomes available.  

New article about "Alphas"

Just discovered a new article that talks about Alpha. It suggest it will begin airing in 2011, and has a very descriptive list of all of the characters. 

About Ryan Cartwright's character, Gary Bell, it reads:

 "Ryan Cartwright (Bones) as Gary Bell a member of the team who has Asperger’s syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder. His Alpha ability allows him to “read” wireless transmissions passing through the ether – e-mails, cell phone communications, television signals, etc." 


Read the whole article here. 

Info about "Alphas"

After asking Ryan himself on twitter for more info about this project, he sent me a link to this article about it. Turns out it is a new pilot for Syfy Channel about "about a team of sorta-superheroes to take it upon themselves to solve crimes the government can't."

Ryan Cartwright is mentioned in the article, which says he plays "a team member with Asperger's and an ability to 'read' wireless communications, making him pretty much the perfect spy. "

 After reading this, I learned it now has an page. I also discovered another article that gives his character a name:

"Gary Bell, a highly functioning autistic with an ability to process information that rivals most computers

However with said powers comes a price - for Gary, autism which makes him a child for all intents and purposes" 

Definitely has a lot of potential. Still, based on Ryan's twitter, he wasn't staying out in Vancouver where it films. This either means they are filming more at a later time, or something happens to his character early on to make him leave. Still, it looks good, and he's definitely in it. So keep a look out for it on Syfy!